People Will Forget Tank Top

$ 12.50

Color: Charcoal Gray

Printed on: Next Level Apparel Tank Top

Product Description

A pastor once told me how it deeply grieved him that after surveying his congregation, he found that most of his members could not remember even the main point of his sermon from just three weeks prior.  This got me thinking myself, and I had a hard time recalling the main point of a sermon that I had recently heard.  Seriously, it's so easy to forget a message.  No matter how well we present something it is likely that most people will not retain it.  However, there is something that people will never ever forget, and that is how well you have or have not loved them.

When people are generous with their time with me I feel their love and never forget it.  When people care about what I care about I feel their love and never forget it. When people notice my heart ache and sincerely care about it I feel loved and never forget it.

People will forget most of what we say and do, but they will never forget how well we loved them.

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