Love Chambers

$ 20.00

Color: Venetian Grey

Printed on Men's TriBlend Very Comfy Next Level Apparel T-shirt

Product Description

Love is an interesting weapon.  And yes, it is a kind of weapon.  It is a weapon that will save your marriage or your friendship.  It is to be used for good.  Just like a good offense will win a football game so will a bold presentation of love will lead someone to the truth.  We live in an age where people have not been loved well.  The very definition of love is slowly being lost. Thankfully the Apostle Paul wrote it down for us in his first letter to the Corinthians in chapter 13. By wearing this shirt you will be representing what love is.  Love is not passive, nor is it defensive; love is the most offensive thing we've got.  Share it with everyone and everywhere you go.  

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