[Winding Up] Don't Go to Church

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Product Description

Believe it or not, no where in the New Testament do any of the writers tell believers to "go to church." The Church in the New Testament is a supernatural gathering of believers who come together to spur one another on and live life together as a family.

Most Christians in America think of Church as the weekly show that they go to on Sunday. Think about it when someone asks you “what church do you go to?” They are asking you where the building is located, who’s the pastor, what is your typical service like, and what is contained in your doctrinal statement?. The irony of this is that none of these things have hardly anything to do with Biblical Community. In fact Church happens in America between Sundays when God brings Christians together to talk life and wrestle with the scriptures and pray.

We believe that living in this type of community will make or break your ability to be offensive in your world. Don’t settle for institutionalized Christianity. Move toward Biblical Community.

The church is not a religious system, building, or corporation. Even the great theologian Martin Luther understood this: "The Christian Church...is nothing else than the assembly of all believers." We must focus on our relationship with Jesus, not just the religion!

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