Love is Offensive

$ 10.00

Color: Black

Product Description

There is nothing more powerful or life-changing than being loved by someone. Love is not a passive force, nor is it a defensive action. Love is always pushing outward. Love is a lot like light. Darkness is the absence of light and not a substance of itself. So is love. Hate is the absence of love and not a state of itself. We as Christians are called to take the love that God has shown us to the entire world. We are to be like a beacon of light on a hillside. If we are ever going to influence the world we must see the love in our souls this way. We should share it everywhere that we go with everyone that we meet. Love is 100% offensive. It reaches out, it pursues, and it endures all obstacles. Love never gives up. If you wear this t-shirt I challenge you to identify with this message and ask God to remind you of His love and to help you to respond to your world with love.

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