[Winding Up] Virginity Rocks - Hers

$ 10.00

Product Description

In most high schools in America being a virgin can be equivalent to being a loser. This is a lie that Satan has been telling forever. The concept of virginity is amazing. A person can actually love their spouse with their body before they even meet them. Living a pure life is both a defensive and offensive way of living. It is defensive for it protects our own body and soul from harm and offensive for purity shines in a dark culture of sin.

This is a bold T-Shirt, that makes a statement about your desire for sexual purity. If you wear it, do it with pride and also humility. You can have pride that Christ has made us clean and has protected us from being taken out by sexual sin, and humility that it is only by the grace of Christ that we are not as far into the muck as our neighbors and our friends.

”It is so much better to give, than to receive.” -Jesus-

Acts 20:35

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