[Winding Up] Don't Just Go to Church

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Product Description

Believe it or not, nowhere in the New Testament do any of the writers instruct believers to go to church. Not that going to church is a bad thing – it can be a very good thing! However, in America today, we often misunderstand the true meaning of what the Church is. In the New Testament, “church” does not refer to a tangible place; rather, it is the fellowship and gathering of believers who came together to spur one another on and live life together as a family.

Most Christians in America think of church as the weekly show they attend on Sunday. Conversations about church typically revolve around where the building is, who is the pastor, what a typical service might look like, what denomination it is, etc. While all of these things are great, if we want to experience church as the Bible defines it, we really need to work on fostering Biblical community in our churches.

At Live Offensively, we believe that living in this type of community is crucial to living on the offense in this world. Corporate Christianity just doesn’t cut it – it is our heart to see the a revolution in the church by stimulating the growth of Biblical community in church bodies.

In reality, the church is not a religious system, building, or corporation. This is a consumer-driven culture. Many people approach church with the same mindset they go to McDonalds with – with hopes to consume. People all over the place stop going to church because they aren’t “getting enough out of it”. This attitude of consumerism is extremely destructive to the American church. Our only hope of putting life back into the church is to change our perspective as a community. When we come together, each person should want to give more than receive, to serve with humble hearts, to not just be pew-warmers, but to be the hands and feet of Jesus to reach a broken and hurting world. Don’t you dare just go to church – BE the church!

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